Analyst First - SURF Monthly Meeting

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Created on 16 November, 2010by sydneyrgroup Learn more about paid account
We meet monthly to:
* hear talks on R-related topics
* see case studies of real-life R applications in industry
* meet experts in specific R packages, techniques and applications



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Speaker: Eugene Dubossarsky
Company/Organization: Presciient
This presentation is aimed at all those working in commercial and government analytics, irrespective of what tools they use, and also to those students intending on such a career.

R and other open source tools play a powerful, unique and disruptive role in business analytics, and are even now changing the landscape.

The use of such tools leads to new business models and strategies that challenge the conventional approach.

The key element of the presentation is "Analyst First", a new approach to analytics, where tools take a far less important place than the people who perform, manage, request or envision analytics, while analytics is a non-repetitive, exploratory and creative process where the outcome is not known at the start, and only a fraction of efforts are expected to result in success. This is in contrast with a common perception of analytics as IT and process.


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