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VCASMO is a multimedia presentation solution for photo and video slide shows, business presentations, training, academic teaching, sales pitches, and seminars.

Use VCASMO to create video and slide presentations simply and support playback for a computer browser, mobile browser and iPad. Upload a variety of video formats, including PowerPoint, PDF, Image, MP3, and Adobe Flash. Select different presentation layouts or use your own design. Add captions or subtitles to presentations. Download presentations offline, or export presentations as videos and auto-upload to YouTube.

We have more than 10 years' experience in web presentation solutions and engage with real world businesses to understand what clients need. VCASMO, a pioneer in self-service presentation creation, has been in business for more than 5 years.

VCASMO gives users more expressive power, and allows them to present their work to large groups in a simple and interesting way.

Where did the name of VCASMO come from?

  • The pronunciation of VCASMO is V-CAS-MO.
  • VCASMO is an acronym of video broadcast promotion.

Features of VCASMO:

  • Provides different deployment solutions: web embed, offline download, video export.
  • Use both Flash and HTML5 to make your presentation viewable on the new iPad.
  • iOS app for watching videos offline.
  • No limitations on presentation quantity per month, storage space is limited. You can create unlimited presentations even with a free account.
  • No ads in your presentations, evens with a free account.
  • Use asset manager to store all of your uploads, so you can reuse your videos or slides to create another presentation.
  • In real world presentation, the speaker always goes back to the previous slide. With the asset manager, we allow you to insert duplicate slides within the presentation.
  • Supports most kinds of video formats and slide/image formats.
  • Supports captions/subtitles.
  • Provides different presentation layouts and allows you to customize your own designs.
  • Comprehensive email support.

Objectives of VCASMO:

  • To be a tool to update communications

    Everyone can sign up for a VCASMO account and upload photos, videos, music and PowerPoint / PDF. An original and creative presentation can be built easily and instantly.

  • As a tool for presentation

    Create designers' portfolios, photographers' portfolios, corporate profiles, product introductions, and more. What you get out of VCASMO depends on you. Anybody can find an use  VCASMO, from the novice to the top-level executive.

  • Create eLearning courses for academic learning.

    Teachers can move the classroom to VCASMO and create teaching presentations for students of all levels. VCASMO is a platform for communication and the sharing of knowledge.

We will continue to develop VCASMO in the future. Please share your opinions and suggestions with us by clicking here!

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