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Speaker: Danny Patterson
XML in Flash
By Danny Patterson

About Me
Flash/Web Consultant
Team Macromedia Flash
Partner at Community MX
Macromedia Certified
Flash MX 2004
Flash MX
Advanced ColdFusion MX

XML in Flash: Overview
What is XML Good At
What is XML NOT Good At
Common Usages of XML
XML inside of Flash
XPath in Flash
The future of XML in Flash: E4X

What is XML Good At
Describing Complex Data
Nested data objects
Not limited to rows and columns
Can be used Across Technologies
XML is at the core of many cross-technology specifications like Web Services and RSS.

What is XML NOT Good At
Parsing Speed
Don’t use for large data sets
Can be difficult to use in Actionscript
The language is clumsy

Common Usages of XML
News and Blog Syndication (RSS)
Web Services (SOAP & WSDL)
Configuration Files
XML inside of Flash
Flash XML Object
Loading XML Data
Creating XML Objects inside Flash
Sending XML Data
Navigating XML Structures

XPath in Flash
XPath is a Standard
Included in the XSLT Specification
AS2 library from XFactorStudio
XPath.selectNodes & XPath.selectSingleNode

The future of XML in Flash: E4X
XML and XMLList Objects
no more XMLNode
XML Literals
Familiar way to Navigate

Where to Go from Here
Community MX Articles
Article on XPath in Actionscript
Article on E4X



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