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Now, you can upload PDF to VCASMO!

Why it is so important?
1. Mac Keynote users can export their presentations to PDF, then enjoy our service, too.
2. Any document can export to PDF and upload to VCASMO.
3. Therefore, you can use any document software to create your slide presentation!

Just Remember to set the document page to landscape and keep in mind to use some large font for easy reading.


Unreality 30 August, 2007 11:14
Hi, I think that it will be extremely helpful if there is a eye-catching link in the index page to the vcasmo-features list

First time visitors won't know vcasmo can have pdf powerpoint subtitles support, and then they will probably go away after a few clicks
luar 30 August, 2007 16:03
Your suggestion is useful, I will do it!

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