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Created on 02 March, 2010by SEAONLINE
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Joining SEA is like joining the AARP when you pass 65 - it just makes good sense so you do it. Or like Joining the AAA when you have a car - it just makes sense so you do it.

SEA just makes sense for aerospace and defense sub-tier suppliers because SEA is the only industry non-profit alliance of its kind that can absolutely ensure that your hard work to improve your performance and gain visibility leads to new business opportunities. SEA was designed by suppliers for suppliers to create the SEA Supplier brand. When you invest in improving you should receive the rewards.

The videos we post on this service are suppliers who have done just that - not clever sales people, but suppliers just like you who decided to initiate change rather than be a victim of change.

Don't put off doing what you know is the right thing to do. Expose yourself to SEA's excellent site visits and conferences. Collaborate with SEA's owner and CEOs. Join today -


russ 12 May, 2010 04:56
SEA has so much to offer.
SEAONLINE 06 August, 2010 14:23
Watch the video.

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