Escaping the Age of Speed: New Paradigms of Learning as Impacted by Social Technologies

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Created on 20 November, 2007by dicole



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Speaker: Teemu Arina
Job title: CEO
Company/Organization: Dicole Ltd.
The industrial revolution changed the meaning of the word "speed" from "good luck, success, prosperity and advancement" to something that resembles machine-like mechanical speed, effectively disconnecting context from time.
This thinking was later captured by increasing focus on efficiency in industrial organizations, a model that was also adopted by our educational system to meet the demands of efficient organizations of tomorrow. As we move towards a real-time economy, social software is shifting our thinking from efficiency to responsiveness and ability to adapt. Context is once again connecting with time and as a result, our system is facing increasing pressures to change. What opportunities, challenges and new ways of relating will emerge?


ulaar 25 November, 2007 08:34
It's been a long time since I sat through a 45min talk (esp. online). This one was WELL worth it. Very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing!
SandraBrowne 30 April, 2018 07:30
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