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Apart from this website service, we always open other possible usage on VCASMO, here are some information, if you are interesting to deploy it or resell it, welcome to contact us.

White Label Presentation
We knew many agencies or production houses, create presentations for their clients, they use VCASMO professional account to do it, then pay for US$50 to remove VCASMO logo. We have bulk order credit: US$500 for 20 presentations (50% off from normal price!), these credits are never expired, you can use it for your future clients
The presentations and account are shared with the same resource of main site, just users within organization cannot see outside presentation and outside cannot see your organization presentation. Suitable for school or small business.

Separate Server
A server managed by VCASMO, you can choose hosting company or Amazon EC2, we setup a VCASMO clone in the server, therefore without share resource, bandwidth with others, it allow unlimited user + unlimited presentations (white label ready).

Private Own Server
For business user with sensitive information, setup a server in your intranet. Give us VNC/ Remote Desktop to setup, after that, you can use VCASMO with unlimited user + unlimited presentations (white label ready) and we never know/access your sensitive information.

API version
Include conversion service, sequence editor, subtitle editor, presentation player in your own site. You can check API documentation, if you are interesting to use, welcome to contact us.

VCASMO, Chief Developer


ptacademy 21 June, 2012 00:49
Hi Luar,
Interested in the above possiblities. Whats the next step? Maia PT Academy 03 9516 8807
luar 22 June, 2012 06:29
Which package you want to choose?
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