SNIA Tutorial: PCI Express Impact on Storage Architectures and Future Data Centers

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Speaker: Ron Emerick
Job title: Principal Hardware Engineer
Company/Organization: Oracle Corporation
PCI Express Gen2 and Gen3, IO Virtualization, FCoE, SSD are here. Discussions about PCI Express Storage Devices – what are they? This session describes PCI Express, Single Root and Multi Root IO Virtualization and the implications on FCoE, SSD and impacts of all these changes on storage connectivity, storage transfer rates. The potential implications to Storage Industry and Data Center Infrastructures will also be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

Knowledge of PCI Express Architecture, PCI Express Roadmap, System Root Complexes and IO Virtualization.

Expected Industry Roll Out of latest IO Technologies and required Root Complex capabilities. Implications and Impacts of FCoE, SSD and PCI Express Storage Devices to Storage Connectivity. What does this look like to the Data Center?

IO Virtualization connectivity possibilities in the Data Center (via PCI Express). What does the 2020 & 2025 Data Center look like?


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