Android Support Library: Using ActionBarCompat

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Created on 16 March, 2014by cbeyls



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Speaker: Christophe Beyls
Job title: Mobile developer
A complete practical guide on how to implement an ActionBar for Android 2.1+ using the Android Support Library.

It also explains how to migrate to ActionBarCompat if you are already familiar with ActionBarSherlock.


On the off chance that you don't have a particular stage highlight you plan to use with your app in a regressive perfect manner, it is as yet a smart thought to utilize bolster library classes in your application. For instance, you might need to utilize ActivityCompat set up of the structure Activity class buy assignment, so you can exploit more up to date highlights later on, for example, joining the new authorizations display presented in Android.
Using ActionBarCompat is practically as simple as local bar, and even like ActionBarSherlock, but there are a couple of contrasts that can you do my assignment must be know. This first tutorial secured the most basic combination.

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